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Oriental Lily Stems
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Oriental Lilies

Oriental Lilies 7 Stems, 20 - 30 buds  $54.95

Oriental Lily Stems

Four products available:

Oriental:  7 stems.........$54.95

Oriental:  10 stems........$59.95

Casa Blanca:  7 stems....$62.95

Casa Blanca:  10 stems..$72.95

About Oriental Lily Stems

It has been said that the Queen of all cut flowers is the Oriental lily.  Their enormous flowers measuring 5 to 10 inches across will fill a room with a wonderful fragrance.  Each graceful stem will average 3 to 5 blooms.  A bouquet of long lasting Oriental lilies will become the centerpiece and focal point of any room.

The 10 stem arrangement is large enough for two separate arrangements, or one enormous bouquet.

When our lily stems arrive, most, or all of the buds will be closed.  Your lilies will begin to open within a day, and will continue to do so for 7 to 10 days.

Casa Blanca Oriental lily has one of the largest flowers in the Oriental family.  It is difficult to grow and hard to find, but its pure white petals make it a favorite of lily lovers around the world.

If you follow the
care instructions, Oriental lily stems should last about 10 to 15 days. Life expectancy will depend on temperature.  Cooler temperatures result in a longer life.

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