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December 28, 2004
Sandcastle On The Beach
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July 24, 2003

Our family and crew extends to all of our loyal customers our very best wishes this coming Holiday Season and New Year's. In this and future newsletters we will explore some fascinating areas that would interest lily and other flower lovers alike. Also, we will post the dates and locations for our Spring shows.
Flowers contribute to creating an environment that increases a sense of well-being.  It is the color of the flower that seems to affect people the most, although people are profoundly affected by fragrance, too.  We will focus first on color, and talk about fragrance at a later date.

According to Inger Naess, the founder of Colour Energy Corporation, light is life, and colors are the language of light.  Here we present seven colors, the concepts that are associated with them, and the parts of the body that they affect most strongly. Chakra means "wheel" or "ring" in Sanskrit.  In Eastern philosophy, it is taught that spiritual health is activated by a system of chakras located within the spinal column.  The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, and the seventh chakra is just above the crown of the head. The others fall between these two.
Red connotes vitality, courage, self-confidence.  The first or root chakra is governed by the red energy.

Orange connotes happiness, confidence, resourcefulness.  The second or spleen chakra is governed by the orange energy.

Yellow connotes wisdom, clarity, self-esteem.  The third or solar plexus chakra is governed by the yellow energy.

Green connotes balance, love, self-control.  The fourth or heart chakra is governed by the green energy.

Blue connotes knowledge, health, decisiveness.  The fifth or throat chakra is governed by the blue energy.

Indigo connotes intuition, mysticism, understanding.  The sixth or brow chakra is governed by the indigo energy.

Violet connotes beauty, creativity, inspiration.  The seventh or crown chakra is governed by the violet energy.

Inger Naess explains how you can use color therapy in your day-to-day activities.  By learning how each color influences us, we can effectively use color to give us an extra boost of energy when we need it.  We can use this knowledge when decorating our rooms, planning our gardens, choosing our wardrobe, and jewelry and when we create works of art.

By bringing freshly cut flowers inside our homes, we give glorious, life-enhancing color to our loved-ones and to ourselves.

The information on chakras came from Yoga, The Path to Holistic Health by B.K.S. Iyengar, Dorling Kindersley, London, 2001.









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